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 "Smallville" 2009-2010 Season

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PostSubject: "Smallville" 2009-2010 Season    Sat Jul 17, 2010 12:45 am

“Smallville” has never been onebuy smallville dvd of the top-tier shows on the television screen. smallville DVDWhile it certainly surprised a lot of smallville DVD box setpeople in the very beginning with its popularity, it smallville box sethas always struggled with consistency and quality. And being a show long in the tooth on smallville season dvda struggling network, it has been forced to do more with less, season after season.

So it’s great to see the writers buy Smallvilleand the cast rise to the occasion. There were many sub-par seasons over the years, but it seems like the writing staff took it personally when a number of fans said that the loss of Lex and Lana would drag the complete Smallville box setseries into the gutter. It’s certainly had it’sSmallville challenges, but it has been better than I could have hoped.
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"Smallville" 2009-2010 Season
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