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 Best 'Seinfeld' Episodes of All Time

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PostSubject: Best 'Seinfeld' Episodes of All Time   Sat Nov 06, 2010 9:22 pm

There are some shows True Blood seasons 1-3 dvd that truly leave their imprint on television, forever changing our perception of what's great. When Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David ('Curb Your Enthusiasm') came up JAG seasons 1-10 dvd with the idea for 'Seinfeld,' a sitcom for Jerry, their idea was no idea at all.That their Lost seasons 1-6 dvd conceit would someday be named the greatest television program of all time by TV Guide is probably the the big bang theory seasons 1-3 dvd biggest joke of all ... and we've all been in on the gag.'Seinfeld' premiered on July 5, 1989. That's right; it was a summer TV show, which 24 seasons 1-8 dvd gives you clue about how little NBC thought of the project. When 'Seinfeld' ended its run on May 14, 1998, NBC was begging the principals for more.In all, there were 180 episodes of 'Seinfeld.' The cast, in Scrubs seasons 1-9 dvd case you don't recall, was made up of four actors who played four friends who lived in New York City. Jerry Seinfeld played Jerry Seinfeld, a moderately successful, slightly neurotic stand-up comedian. Jason Alexander was George Costanza, Jerry's best House MD seasons 1-6 dvd friend who was a mass of neuroses. Julia Louis-Dreyfus was Elaine Benes, Jerry's ex-girlfriend and his second best friend. Michael Richards was Cosmo Kramer, Jerry's eccentric neighbor.A clan Girlfriends seasons 1-8 dvd of killer cultists made trouble for Lois and Clark, and Tess discovered Alexander's dark side on last night's episode of 'Smallville.'Erica Durance's spirited performance was the best thing about this ep's goofy A plot, which featured a blue kryptonite-lovin' religious cult bent on sacrificing Lois to their vengeful god. Durance's eyes and voice really sold the terror in Lois' heart when she was stuck under that raging blue fire and surrounded Curb Your Enthusiasm seasons 1-7 dvd by an army of Cletuses and Jebediahs.But it was Lois' defiant and independent spirit that got her in trouble in the first place. During a drive out brothers and sisters seasons 1-4 dvd to the country to cover the Cherry Festival (!), Clark revealed that he pulled some man vs wild seasons 1-4 dvd strings to get her out of town and keep her from covering the anti-hero protest in Metropolis. Lois, as we all know, is the poster girl for the pro-hero mindset (It's not really a "movement" yet, is it?). Clark was only trying to protect her from the potentially violent wackos on the other side of the issue. (Geez, when did Metropolis become such a hotbed of ideological conflict?)But Lois is Lois. She didn't appreciate Clark's sneaky efforts to keep her safe, and she sent him walking in the hot sun after their tire blew out on the road. Hoping to two and a half men seasons 1-7 dvd get back to Metropolis, she hitched a ride to the nearest train station from a creepy little country girl on a horse and buggy.But, of course, little Charlotte took Lois straight into a dangerous village of the damned instead. What followed was a pretty standard "Lois needs rescuing" plot with a small twist – Clark underbelly seasons 1-3 dvd lost his powers thanks to the villagers' steady diet of blue kryptonite-laced water.

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Best 'Seinfeld' Episodes of All Time
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