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 Tonight's TV Hot List Sunday, Aug. 18, 2010

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PostSubject: Tonight's TV Hot List Sunday, Aug. 18, 2010   Wed Aug 18, 2010 8:55 pm

True Blood
9/8c HBO
Driving a stake through the heart of the lover of the king of Mississippi may not have been the wisest career move for Eric, but when it's The West Wing dvd box set compared to Russell's casual decapitation of the Magister, well, at least he did it in part to avenge his family's death. In any case, vampires killing vampires can't be considered good PR, my name is earl seasons 1-4 dvd especially with the passage of an equal-rights amendment in the offing, and you can bet that's xena warrior princess seasons 1-6 dvd
what's on spokes-bloodsucker Nan Flanagan's mind when she stops by Fangtasia looking for answers. — Joe Friedrich

Dora the Explorer
8/7c Nickelodeon
Adorable little Dora is turning weeds seasons 1-5 dvd
10! Well, her show is, at least (animated Dora is destined to be a preschooler forever). On her birthday, Dora and Boots get transported to a Lost season 6 dvd release date Wizard of Oz-like land, complete with a wish-granter, a witch and some flying monkeys (Hector Elizondo, Rosie Lost seasons 1-6 dvd box set Perez and John Leguizamo lend their voices). Following the episode is a documentary that examines the cultural and Desperate Housewives seasons 6 dvd box set educational impact of the show and includes comments from celebrity fans. ?Feliz cumplea?os a Dora! — Jennifer Sankowski

Next Food Network Star
9/8c Food Network
Last week the final four walked the hallowed halls of Kitchen Stadium and faced off in an "Iron Chef" showdown. It was Aarti, Tom and Herb's House M.D season 6 dvd box set cuisine that reigned supreme, and, sadly, sweet Aria was sent packing. In the Season 6 finale, one of the three Cold Case season 7 dvd box set remaining hopefuls will be awarded their own Food Network show. But first, each will film their dream pilot, with help from Rachael Ray, and a focus group of Food Network fans will weigh in with their opinions. — Karen Andzejewicz

The Real L Word
10/9c Showtime
Nothing could be finah than a weekend at the Dinah...(Shore) golf event in Palm Springs. On this first-season finale, the lovely ladies expect their annual getaway to be its usual fun-filled, rollicking par-for-the-course romp at the desert oasis. But not all Cold Case season 1-7 dvd box set is smooth sailing (to mix our sports metaphors), as Natalie worries about the hazards that await if Rose reverts to her flirtatious ways once they start partying with the players and the playahs and the swingers who come to the fore. — Ray Stackhouse

Top Shot
10/9c History
Four contestants are left in the season finale, and they all take aim at the $100,000 prize and bragging rights to be called "Top Shot." This last shot Supernatural season 5 dvd box set at the title has a first: In one challenge, the participants get to choose their shots and pick their weapons and targets. In the end, only two will be left to face the most difficult challenge of all. — Bill Ecklund

Army Wives
10/9c Lifetime
Pamela continues to showcase Two and Half Men season 7 dvd box set her police instincts when she is assigned to work on a murder case with Gina Maddox (guest star Gabrielle Union), a detective from Atlanta. Meanwhile, Claudia Joy, who has feared for Michael's Scrubs seasons 1-9 dvd box set safety since he was ordered to deploy, is further exasperated when he is sent on an important mission that severs their communication. — Rhoda Charles

Roast of David Hasselhoff
10/9c Comedy Central
The star of Knight Rider NCIS season 7 dvd box set and Baywatch, a hit singer in Germany or an inebriated hamburger-inhaler on a hotel-room floor, David Hasselhoff is something of an international punchline. But give the man some Gossip [url=http://www.dvdsetshop.com/products/Greys-Anatomy-Season-6-DVD-Boxset-DVDS-2080.html]Grey's Anatomy season 6 dvd box set Girl season 3 dvd box set[/url] credit: He's learned to face it all with a self-deprecating sense of humor. Well, he's going to need it for tonight's roast, because the jokes will write themselves for a 24 season 8 dvd box set crew that includes Jeffrey Ross, Lisa Lampanelli,
Greg Giraldo, Pamela Anderson, Jerry Springer and host Seth MacFarlane. — Joe Friedrich

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Tonight's TV Hot List Sunday, Aug. 18, 2010
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